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AIR PRO Ramp Plow

Match up a Grouser Ramp Plow with a 4WD tractor and you get a combination that cannot be beat for moving large volumes of snow efficiently.


  • Fast, Easy Quick Attach
  • High Ground Clearance
  • Parallel Lift System
  • High Lift Height


  • Tractor HP: 400-700
  • Control Options: 2,4 & 6 way
  • Angle: 30º
  • Tilt: Hydraulic 10º or 5º Lateral Float
  • Blade Height: 60”
  • Blade Width: 20’ - 30’
  • Cutting Edge: Urethane, JOMA, Steel
  • Caster Wheel: Snowheel
  • Custom Blade Variations are available

AIR PRO Ramp Plow

AIR PRO Ramp Plow

30’ Ramp Plow