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Belly Blade Laser


This manual system is economical and can be used on the belly blade. Set up the laser transmitter and walk your jobsite marking the high and lows with a marking device. After marking the highs and lows begin grading out the highs and filling the lows.

Manual System Image

Manual / Visual

This manual / visual system can be used with the belly blade to maintain a level grade. The receivers are mounted to the blade. The receivers have built in LED lights to give you a visual readout of the grade. The operator must watch the LED display and use the hydraulic levers to manually raise and lower the blade to maintain grade.

Manual Visual System Image

Fully Automatic

This fully automated dual grade laser leveling system for the Belly blade will quickly and easily maintain or create a level grade within a 1/4" (capable of 1/8"). Once setup, the operator will simply drive the job site and let the automatic laser system do the rest.

Fully Automatic System Image


  • Auto / Manual Selector Switch
  • LED Indicator on Control Box
  • Hi / Lo Indicator on Receiver
  • Will accept any laser signal
  • Proportional speed control


  • Quick Switch for accurate operator control
  • Auto Grade set without operator input
  • Multi Location LED readout
  • Compatible with most Laser Transmitters
  • +/- 1/4" Grade Control

Belly Blade Laser Image