Grouser Products, Inc.

About Us

Grouser Headquarters

When you look at Grouser, you'll discover a company that strives to move beyond.

The 20,000 sq. ft. facilities built in 1997 and expanded to 40,000 sq. ft. in 1999 demonstrate Grouser's tremendous growth and readiness for the future.

Our first experimental track was built in 1975 and after twelve years of development, it was introduced into the market. That original design remains the basis for today's Grouser track systems—accepted by many as the number one over-the-tire track available. Grouser's track has grown from zero percent of the market in 1987 to becoming today's market leader.

In 1978, Grouser brought its first dozer to the tractor market. Today, Grouser remains one of the few manufacturers of big 6-way hydraulic dozers for 2WD tractors, 4WD tractors and skid steer loaders.

We support an expanded product line.

  • Bar Track – approved by all of the major OEM skid steer manufacturers
  • Soft Track® brand track with replaceable inserts for sensitive surfaces
  • Hard Track with replaceable metal inserts for hard/aggressive work
  • Heavy duty skid steer dozer blades made of high strength cast components
  • Heavy duty tractor dozer blades for tractors up to 700 hp

First in Metal Track

  • First and only manufacturer to be approved by all major skid steer manufacturers
  • First with patented open side plate for excellent cleanout in the pivot area for field adjusting
  • First to introduce the "run-loose" track concept to even out forces and reduce stress on the skid steer and track
  • First to use a hardened replaceable wear bushing in the pivot area instead of rotating on a bolt
  • First to create a system with an open bar design that utilizes the tire along with the track for maximum performance
  • First to use cast metal for cost effective manufacturing of attractive smooth track parts with unrivaled consistency and strength
  • First to ship tracks with length adjusted to fit specific loader models
  • First to offer fully-machine piloted wheel spacers
  • First to provide built-in length adjustment on every pad
  • First to ship complete track sets (track, spacers, binder, instructions) bundled on one pallet for convenient handling and assembly
  • First to offer induction hardened wear surfaces
  • First to offer replaceable soft inserts for tracks
  • First to offer replaceable steel inserts for tracks

First in Dozer Blades

  • First to market industrial blades
  • First to feature quick attach
  • First to offer a parallel lift design
  • First with hydro-mechanical angle
  • First to offer a separate 3 point hitch for versatility and ease
  • First to offer an Adjustable width dozer that adjusts from 12' to 20' wide